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Monday, 20 August 2012

Beras Basah Island, Where the Beach is Crystal White…

The beauty of the glittering sand on the beach, undoubtedly, has been an exotic appeal of the Beras Basah Island in East Kalimantan…
Beras Basah Island, so beautiful!
Kalimantan has a myriad of natural sceneries that are always stunning. One of them is the Beras Basah Island, an island with white sandy beach which is an attractive recreational area to enjoy the beautiful ocean views of the Makassar Strait.

The Beras Basah Island, or also called the Sand Island, has been included as one of the popular attractions among the people of Bontang, East Kalimantan. In addition to the distance which only takes less than an hour, the island becomes a favorite place for the employees of PT LNG Badak.

This island can be reached by a speed boat from the Port of Tanjung Laut, Bontang. On this island, tourists can swim and breathe in the cool sea air.

However, during the visit there, do not forget to bring your own food and drinks, because you will not find a restaurant or food and beverage stalls. It is also the same with the place to stay.

The white beach, just like crystal...
Visitors who come to the island are there only to enjoy the beautiful white beaches with sparkling clear waters that resemble the crystals. Or, maybe just to explore the lighthouse that stands upright with a height of 15 m. If you are a lover of photography, the lighthouse might come to your interest.

To reach the island, visitors who are already in Bontang can directly lead to the Port of Tanjung Laut. There you will find the boats that will get you to the Beras Basah Island. The rent ranges between IDR 300,000 – 400,000 (or around USD 33 to 43). One boat may take up to 10 passengers and the trip will take about 40 minutes.

The island was named Beras Basah (Wet Rice, ed.) because there was once a large ship carrying rice from Sulawesi. In the journey, the ship was hit by such large waves, that having been worried to sink, the cargos then were dropped off at the island. The rice was soaked by the spray of the waves, and so it has been called the Beras Basah Island ever since.

The exotic white beach...
Besides the water clarity of the sea around Beras Basah Island, another uniqueness of this island is the lighthouse that has been used for navigation guidance for ferries. From the island can also be seen the LNG industrial area owned by PT Badak that is located on the seafront.

Not only that, the visitors of Beras Basah Island can also snorkel to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world in the area. The Island of Beras Basah is also adjacent to other interesting islands such as Segajah Island, the island that appears only during low tides and submerged on the high tides.
The Beras Basah Island is also close to the fishing village of Selangan. In that place, there are many fish cages. You can buy some fish and roast it directly there. It’s fun, right?
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